Brunswick, Melbourne


“Evil Socks”. A keyboard and illustration piece by Ari, featuring a surprise cameo from his cat Miso about three quarters of the way into the song…


A song and clip from Ari, using only the notes D, E, G, B, E, G.



We are all robots and this song makes us happy…

Song: Tyke
Clip: Tyke and Ari


Two years after “I’m in my Rocket”, Tyke’s electro tendencies have taken flight. Drawing inspiration from Kraftwerk, Daft Punk, and MGMT, Tyke has developed his keyboard skills. His latest two offerings, so eagerly awaited, leave us with no doubt that he is still driving the rocket.

For “Toy Battle: Dinosaur vs Alien”, we sampled two of Tyke’s toys. Tyke composed a melody on his electronic keyboard, and played some beats through midi software. From these recordings, we selected sections which we looped and arranged.

T Y K E” is more of a trance piece, again using Tyke’s looped midi compositions. The piece uses only the notes that correspond with the letters “T, Y, K, E” on the musical keyboard in GarageBand. This one might make you want to dance, but only for as long as Tyke thinks is necessary: one minute and twenty seconds.


At age 5 (soon to be 6), Tyke wrote a poem that required no editing:

I’m in my rocket
I’m pressing buttons
I’m making sounds
I’m driving it

He chose four notes and a Gary Numan-esque electro keyboard effect. We recorded the song live, with Tyke singing and his classmates on backup vocals, while I accompanied on keyboard.


  • janne hollingsworth

    Evolving music? Fun

  • sofia davis

    I really like your songs T .
    i’m in my rocket is so funny.

    from Fia

  • http://www.beciorpin.com/blog beci

    i might be biased but i think these are genius! nice one tyke! nice one claire! x

  • Jenn

    Look out Radiohead – Toy Battle: Dinosaur vs Alien
    Love it