Wellington, NZ (2011)

In June of this year, I spent a beautiful Winter’s day with Rose and her grandma in Wellington. We drew pictures and told stories, and shared a picnic in the botanical gardens. Rose repeatedly torpedoed down the giant slide, catapulting from the end and bouncing along the ground, laughing all the way.

We recorded audio snippets throughout the day, and the song we have here is taken from a candid moment with Rose chatting as she drew pictures. I also recorded Rose singing, then converted it to midi samples (the humming that can be heard in the background).

I farewelled Rose and her family, and on the eight hour bus ride north the following day, I composed the backing music. As the stunning scenery outside the window was slowly swallowed by darkness, the iridescent glow from the computer became the only source of light, with Rose’s beautiful storytelling providing tireless comfort.

I don’t know how many times I had to listen to Rose’s audio while mixing the song, but I still haven’t tired of it. It never fails to bring a smile or a tear… thanks Rose!


  • Big J

    Goodnight Rose, thanks for the song