Fitzroy, Melbourne

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Fia is working on some new songs! Watch this space…

Fia Piano pic

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Brother and sister Milo (10) and Fia (8) have been learning to play their family’s beautiful (albeit untuned) old upright piano.

Milo’s piece, “Alien Planet” was composed on the upright. He decided to record it electronically, using keyboard and synth midi effects to provide the full alien planet experience. He wrote the lyrics and recruited sister (Fia) to sing (or quietly yell).

[audio:|titles=Alien Planet]
Alien Planet (Milo, age 10)


Fia wrote and recorded her piece (Bob Dylan the Dinosaur) on the upright piano, requesting my help to play some piano parts in recording. She chose to use a lot of minor chords, which added to the ethereal and slightly eerie feel of the song. I love the imagery the song evokes…

 Bob Dylan the Dinosaur (Fia, age 8)
Clip filmed in July, 2012 


While creating their CD covers, Milo politely suggested that Fia’s dinosaur looked like a llama. Fia wasn’t quite sure how to take it, but full credit to her – the world is definitely a better place now that there are llamasaurs roaming our daydreams.

Fia’s Llamasaur


  • beci

    love your songs milo and sofia! beautiful!

  • Anna

    You guys are great! I look forward to coming to a gig one day!

  • brendan

    Keep rockin Legends!!!!

    • fia

      thanks brendingdong

  • Emily

    Bob dylan the dinosaur is my favourite!!!

  • Steph H

    Hey you two – I heard about these songs and I had to check them out! Wonderful rhyming and stories. Please keep making songs!

    • fia

      thanks steph!
      i love new start again it is one of my favourite songs and
      i will keep on making up songs